Refunds Policy Last update 5 months ago

1. Overview

At RemoteMedicalJobs, we are committed to providing a transparent and fair refunds policy to our users. This policy explains the circumstances under which refunds are applicable and the process for requesting a refund.

2. Refund Eligibility

a. Refunds for Job Listings: Refunds for job listing fees are eligible under the following conditions:

  • The job listing was paid for but not published due to a technical issue on our platform.
  • The job listing was published but contained errors or inaccuracies that were not the fault of the user.

b. Refunds for Subscriptions: Refunds for subscription fees are eligible under the following conditions:

  • The subscription was charged to your account without your consent.
  • You cancel your subscription within the first 14 days of purchase.

c. Refunds for Job Placement Fees: If a healthcare professional is hired by an employer through our platform and the terms of the hire are not met, the fee paid for the job placement may be refunded at our discretion.

3. How to Request a Refund

If you believe you are eligible for a refund, please follow these steps:

a. Contact Us: Send an email to our support team at with the subject line "Refund Request" and provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • The reason for your refund request.
  • Relevant details about the transaction (e.g., date, job listing or subscription details).

b. Review and Processing: Our team will review your request and determine whether it meets our refund eligibility criteria. We may request additional information or clarification.

c. Refund Decision: You will be notified of our decision within a reasonable time frame. If your refund request is approved, we will initiate the refund as soon as possible.

4. Refund Method

Refunds will be processed using the original payment method whenever possible. Please note that the time it takes to process a refund may vary depending on your financial institution.

5. Refund Denials

We reserve the right to deny refund requests that do not meet our eligibility criteria or for any other reason we deem appropriate. Our decision on refund requests is final.

6. Changes to this Policy

We may update this Refunds Policy to reflect changes in our practices or for legal compliance. We will notify you of any significant changes.

7. Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about our Refunds Policy, please contact us at